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Motiviatonal Corner

Today's Motivation is :
-Take your Time getting over it

A lot of times with your getting over a breakup or someone you love or trusted hurts you. You get advice from people to just get over it and move on! I say take your time, fully heal, and than release! Let your heart completely heal from all the pain that you are feeling, and learn to forgive the person that hurt you, not for them but for YOU! Then move on, its okay to cry, its okay to scream, all these things are NORMAL! You might even cuss the person out, its NORMAL! But you have to heal, and if your constantly angry, and going off you will never heal! Get alone just you and God, be set FREE, don't hold a grudge, don't jump into a new relationship and damage that person, heal!!! We have way to many hurt people in this world! It's time to Change!!!!

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